Thank you for coming! / FISHING SHOW OSAKA 2016


Thank you for coming to FISHING SHOW OSAKA 2016.
A lot of people visited us at GEECRACCK booth.



We had Jyanken-games(stone-scissors-paper game)
and fishing seminars etc..
We had prepared many prizes for the Jyanken-games
and lots of people joined them.
And seminars were about Ika(Squid)Metal, how to use bass lures and so on…
We hope you enjoyed the Jyanken-games and learned a lot through the seminars.



This time our dealer in Thailand Mr.Tup, came to Japan for the Fishing Show.  Thank you for coming all the way here.

Geecrack is participating KEEP CAST
on Feb.20th and 21st in Nagoya.
It is the biggest FISHING SHOW in Chubu area in Japan.
We are looking forward to your visit.
See you in Nagoya!

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