Caught a Rokumaru(fish over 60cm) / GRANDE THE ONE + GYROSTAR 6in.!!!!!

GEECRACK Field Tester
Mr. Morinaga caught a Rokumaru(fish over 60cm)
with GRANDE THE ONE + GYROSTAR 6in.!!!!!

The best season for GRANDE THE ONE is coming soon!


[From Mr. Morinaga’s BLOG]

Rod: DoubleDutch DD-75H TheMerry
Line: Nylon20lbs
Lure: Grande The One1/2oz + GYROSTAR 6in.

I caught a fish in the evening, and I was really surprised.
I thought it was about 55cm, but actually it was over 60cm.

I thought the water must be rough and it must be windy in the afternoon, so I couldn’t make up my mind whether I should go fishing or not.
However I heard that it rained a lot during weekends,
so I decided to go to a mid-range fishing area where the water becomes muddy easily.

As I expected the water was muddy and rough, and I thought small jig head was not effective.
I chose GRANDE THE ONE +GYROSTAR6 which was big and easy to be found by fish.
I retrieved it along the bottom and got the big one!

When I started fishing I thought it was quite difficult to catch fish
even thought the water was muddy, because it was in the daytime.
However on my first cast I caught Rokumaru(fish over 60cm).
I was surprised and happy.

I have been using GRANDE THE ONE
since the end of last year for night fishing,
and I’ve had bites a lot.
And this was my first fish with GRANDE THE ONE.


The depth of the water was about 2.5m,
Hard bottom + Steep point,
and 1/2oz GRANDE THE ONE.

Cast it and waited until it hit the bottom.
And really slow retrieve along the bottom
but sometimes let it hit the bottom.
Usually I retrieve it from the deep area to shallow, and fish takes a bite just before it hits the steep bank.
This time it was the same as usual.

12642680_1078906588827796_4475145453242644345_n     12642679_1078906608827794_1897556376207970449_n

I think you might have chances to catch nice fish in the daytime
from the end of January to February.
I am targeting Rokumaru(fish over 60cm) again,
but heavier one next time.


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