The last day of Monster fishing in Thailand.

Our target fish for the last day was Barramundi.
It reacted to GILLING 125 !
o0480064013514117230      o0480064013514117171
And it reacted to DACE 195F as well!!
We didn’t need difficult fishing techniques.
Slow retrieve worked well.
After fishing, we had Thai food for lunch.
And we also had fried Barramundi!!
It tasted so good!
o0480036013514129019      o0480064113514129065
After lunch we enjoyed monster fishing again.
In Thailand we shooted a fishing video clip.
The Thai shooting team was also there.
o0480064013514322889      o0480036013514734615
We had really good time in Thailand.
Our reliable Staff in Thailand guided us,
and we enjoy fishing with them.
Thank you so much for the great time!!
It was a productive fishing trip to Thailand.
o0480036013514322779      o0480036013514322688

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