Field Report from Mr. Koreeda(GEECRACK FIELD TESTER).

DATE: October 24th

PLACE: Chitano pond in Aichi prif.(Japan)


It was really cold in the morning, and I felt winter is coming soon.
I went to a pond where nice north wind blew,
but I couldn’t get fish at all.
I went to another pond but I couldn’t get fish.
So I stopped retrieving and started finesse fishing.
I got a small Black bass with MOON CURLY Neko Rig.
And then I caught one about 40cm.


I caught 4 or 5 fish about 25cm with G-BLADE
around the windy area with a fallen tree.
It was a shallow and shady place.


I went back to the pond where I couldn’t catch fish at all.
This time I caught a nice fish.

The batteries were running out, so I couldn’t weigh the fish.
It was about 43cm.
It will get colder this weekend, I will use MOON CURLY a lot
in this winter again.

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