Wrapped up shooting

Two days of shooting OneBrightWay by BRUSH

finished smoothly.


They were the days just after a typhoon

with a lot of rain went away,

and Mr.Kitajima did fishing on Lake Biwa

after an interval of 8 years.


It is a documentary movie of Mr.Kitajima

who is chasing fish without any information in advance

but only a map of Lake Biwa.

o0480036013420749018 (1)


It is “Real Bass Fishing”!

Due to the wind and some other natural conditions,

he sometimes had hard time,

but he kept his way of fishing and got great ones.


Through these two days we realized that ” real Bass fishing” is

the one that he did this time.

“Keep challenging

until you can find a fish that you wants to catch.”

This movie is coming soon to the BRUSH MOVIES.

Don’t miss it!

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