Enhancing the in-house production


We’re working on the  BB MUSTANG printing task at GEECRACK factory.



TINY GILLING is waiting to be printed behind BB MUSTANG.


We have been shifting our overseas production

into the in-house production this year.

Most of our lures were manufactured under contract

in overseas associate factories, and the rest were manufactured

in our own factory in China.

However about ABS PLUGS, we started to make all of them

in our own factory in Japan this spring.

This is because of  the affect of the appreciation of exchange and control of quality,

but the most important purpose is to respond to the trends in the world around.


Since we are such a small fishing tackle maker,

it is difficult to predict how many of products we need to make.

We have to start  planning at least 6 months prior to the sale.

To put it simply, we have to predict the number of the product

that we can sell after six month.

It means we need to plan products for opposite season.


If we are wrong  it will be condemned inventory.

Mass retailers started to use point-of sale system and control

inventory, and it is same as retail stores,

So,  it is true that risky purchase of stock is becoming a thing of the past.


We think it is really a good thing.

Overflowing with stock, and reduce the amount of purchase of stock.

The result of it, there are not enough goods at stores that anglers want.

That’s a disaster.


Lure makers and retail stores face the same situation.

We think it is same as anglers who are our consumers.

We want to buy only the quantity when we need.


We want to be a Lure maker that can respond to those consumers.

So, we have invested in plant and equipment for two years,

and in-house production started well.


Especially this year, we only make the little more than the amount of product

that we receive from retail stores.


It is not production cut to reduce the amount of purchase of stock.

This is improvement of company quality – aware of the needs of our consumers,

and make a only minimum number of product quickly that we can sell.

And at the same time, we run promotion  through SNS

such as YouTube, Facebook, and Blogs.

Then deliver goods to retail stores.

After watching the sales trend, we reproduce them as soon as possible.


So, we controlled  the production by  manufacturing them in our own factory.

There is limit of numbers of product that we can make though….


We don’t execute an extensive launch for our products.

We hope that we grow gradually  through the look of over- the-counter products.


We should be always hungry for new products

that our consumers will say ‘Oh, that’s awesome!’

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