Geecrack / SEMI HARD CASE(L) New Colors!!



Two new colors will be added to Geecrack / SEMI HARD CASE(L).


You can arrange velcro dividers freely.
It can take up to 6 reels.
Also it can take a fish finder: HONDEX / HHE5700, HE-820. LOWRANCE / HDS-8
A small pocket and a mesh pocket inside.
SEMI HARD CASE(L) with shock absorbing padding which will protect your fishing tackle
from possible damage.



Geecrack new product / Shoulder bag “TANK”

“TANK” is available for purchase at stores.
The name “TANK” came from a large holding tank.
It has a very large holding capacity like a tank.
Put big baits, rubber jigs, sinkers, hooks and some other fishing tackles in tackle cases and go fishing.

TANK can easily hold the biggest VS-3043 series tackle case.
Also it can hold VS-3043 thick type tackle case.
The size of VS-3043 thick type is 356×230×82mm and it can hold big baits or quite a lot of lures.


If you put a lot of fishing tackles in your bag, it will be quite heavy.
Heavy shoulder bags cause shoulder pain, so it has a waist belt to prevent the heavy weight of the bag on the shoulder.
Shoulder strap and waist belt for a comfortable carrying.
DURAFLEX high abrasion resistance parts are used for the buckles.
TANK is not a 100% waterproof shoulder bag,
but watertight zippers and water resistant material are used.


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Available in 4 colors.



GEE CAMO GREEN and GEE CAMO BLACK are Geecrack original CAMO patterns with Geecrack logo.
To get the best quality for our bags, we created our own fabrics.


This bag is for anglers who want to carry a lot of tackles or big lure cases when they go bank fishing.

Geecrack rod mesh cover


Availble for purchace at stores.
It keeps your rod tangle free and protects it from unnecessary damage.

★ Type

・Spinning Type
・Baitcasting Type are available.
★ Color

Black / Grey / Blue / Orange / Purple / Yellow

It will protect your rod, guides, and fishing line from getting tangled in your boat, car or while storing them.

Two piece rod mesh cover is also available.