Caught over 40cm long bass on Geecrack new product FURIRABA.

2021 Geecrack new product!!

Followed by PINDY 2.8 & 3.8 and IMO-RIPPER 95(Super high specific gravity model),
FURIRABA will be hitting the market.


Our new staff member Sugiyama put out new items in his bag,
and went to Gosan river for fishing.
Nice bass, which was over 40cm long was caught on FURIRABA(Trailer – PINDY 2.8) .
He said that FURIRABA and PINDY 2.8 are a good match.

FURIRABA will be hitting stores around the end of April 2021.

How fast do these soft plastic baits fall?

IMO-RIPPER is available in 3 types.

・IMO-RIPPER 95mm(Super high specific gravity model)

How fast do they fall?
Go check out the video!

・Water depth : 2.3m
・Line : 14lb
・Hook : 4/0