Really awesome lure to catch big bass.

【Field report】

Fishing guide : Yama P(Norihito Yamashita)
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : IMO-RIPPER95 / No sinker style

Yama P’s fishing guest caught nice spring bass on IMO-RIPPER95 / No sinker style.

Yama P rigs it No sinker style even when he targets at 4m depth water.
IMO-RIPPER is heavily impregnated with salt to give it a great action in deep water depths.
Target man-made structures or hard bottom by using IMO-RIPPER.

Bellows Stick 8″

We’ve shipped out Bellows Stick 8″ to some stores.

■ Bellows Stick 8″





Bellows Stick 8″ is the biggest one among Bellows series. Texas rigging a Bellows Stick 8″ (3.5g or 5g).It pushes a lot of water and triggers strikes from big Bass.


IMO-RIPPER95 has been producing great results on the water of Lake Biwa.
It is made from S.A.F.(Salt+Aminos+Flavor).

S.A.F. is our original material for soft plastic baits.
It appeals to the senses of taste and smell that a fish uses in its quest for food.
Also, it causes fish to hold on longer once they bite.

The lure design of IMO-RIPPER is simple, so you can easily feel the effectiveness of the material.