Fishing guide report / Lake Biwa

・Fishing guide : Yama P(Norihito Yaamashita)
・Lure :STEALTH 7, LEAF SHRIMP4.8 / Jika rig

Tips for Late fall fishing.

When baitfish are up in the mid-depth, try STEALTH 7.
When they are in the range of bottom depth, try LEAF SHRIMP4.8 / Jika rig.

Catch more late fall fish!!

Late fall pond fishing.

Angler : Mr. Koreeda

Place : Chitanoike

Lure : Imo-Ripper 40

Cold weather fishing.I couldn’t find any fish in shallow.So, I cast Imo-ripper40 / Jighead into the deep area with standing timber.Keeping it close to the bottom, I added action to the lure slowly.I managed to catch nice bass.