Lake Biwa Shore Fishing / G-Blade

Angler : Mr. KimuraPlace : Lake BiwaLure : G-Blade 3/8oz Fishing at sunset.I saw big bass was heading into the shallow to hunt bait fish.Cast G-Blade 3/8 and reeled in very slowly, then the bass took the bait!!Fishing for big bass was exciting as it was aggressive.It was over 60cm long!!!

Field report / Bellows series

Field report from lake Biwa fishing guide Yuho Ito.

Cast BELLOWS STICK 8″(PIN FREE SHOT 5g / Free rig ) and reeled in very slowly.
This worked well and 61 cm long bass was caught!!
Bellows Gill5.8″(German Jig 3/8oz)was also effective.
Bellows Gill 3.8 produced great results this time last year.
This is a good season for Bellows Series fishing.
The key to catching big bass is “Reel in slowly”