River fishing / YAHMAN SRICK 8 inch

Angler : Seiji Kuroda(Geecrack fiels tester)

Place : Oe riverLure : YAHMAN SRICK 8 inch

After the on-the-river fishing instruction, I remained for fishing practice.Though YAHMANSTICK 8 / No sinker style was really effective and I had 3 bites, I couldn’t catch a single fish.So, I got up early the next morning and went to Oe river for fishing.I was totally up for it on the day.I tried 3 likely bass holding areas but I didn’t get any bites.It was early morning but the river had high fishing pressure from many anglers. I found an area where YAHMAN STICK pattern would work well Finally I was able to catch nice bass.

On-the-river fishing instruction

Ishiguro Fishing Tackle Store staff experienced our products on the water of Gosan river and Oe river.They received an on-the-river fishing instruction from our field testers, Mr. Kuroda and Mr. Oya.They learned what type of Geecrack lures and fishing techniques work best depending on the conditions and the mood of the fish.