Geecrack Channel / OE MAGIC

■ Angler
Geecrack field tester Seiji Kuroda

■ Place :Oe river

■ Date : May, 2019

■ Lure : Tiny Gilling, Bellows Stick,
Bellows Gill 2.8/ Running sinker rig, SPIRON


Lake Biwa / Fishing Alabama Rig

Angler : Mr. Tomida
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : Gyro Star3, CORNE HEAD Jr.

It was nice weather, not too hot, not too cold.
Caught 20 bass including 4 over 50cm long bass in four days.
Fishing Alabama rig is not popular anymore but I’ll keep using it
and want to find out something new.

Video shooting / Fishing Gosan river

Angler : Keita Oda
Lure : Imo-ripper60

Caught his first fish on Imo-ripper60(Rubber tune “IMOKEMUSHI” / No sinker) early in the morning.

It was cloudy in the morning but really hot during the day.
He cast G-BLADE and worked it.
When it came close to the shady area, nice fish took the bait!!

It was his second catch of the day.

The water was muddy on the day.
He chose a down sized version of SPIRON TWIN [Prototype] / with blade / weighted hook which kicks and moves a lot of water.
It was effective for fishing muddy water and caught his third fish of the day!