River fishing / Bellows Stick, Yahman Stick

Angler:Mr. Shibata
Place :Gosan river
Lure : Yahman Stick 8 / Neko rig, Bellows Stick / Neko rig
Casting out far into the shaded area or inlet.
3 nice bass(Two over 40 cm bass & one over 30cm bass) were caught.
Yahman Stick and Bellows stick are versitile.
They are great for short to long casting distance.

Field report / SWING CHATTER 1/2 oz + Revival Shad 5″



Field report from Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita)
Awesom results!!
Yama P and his fishing guests caught nice-sized bass.
The biggest one was caught on SWING CHATTER1/2oz + RIVIVAL SHAD 5″.

We are still enjoying summer but autumn is approaching.
SWING CHATTER is a good performer on ealy autumns bass!