Reservoir fishing / G-Crawler



Angler :Ms. Sumita
Place :Reservoir in Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan
Lure :G-Crawler5.8(Neko Rig) / PORTIO2.8(Jighead)




Early morning fishing.
3 missed bites but caught 8 largemouth bass!!
The largest one was 53 cm long.





GEECRACK CHANNEL / Fishing Ohe river


・ Angler : Seiji Kuroda(Geecrack field tester)

April 2018.
The water was muddy because it rained in the morning, also rice paddies are flooded with water and tilled in preparation for the planting.
Choosing lures based on the conditions, he’s catching big fish on SPIRON2.8 / SHORT DROP SHOT RIG and Jighead Rig.

★ GEECRACK CHANNEL / Fishing Ohe river