Field report / Neko rig fishing


Angler : Mr. Miura
Place : A pond
Lure : G-Crawler5.8
Rod : Double Dutch DDS-70UL CATWALK




Recently, we’ve had some warmer spring days in my area.
I cast G-Crawler / Neko rig and searched out likely bass holding areas.I caught nice bass on G-Crawler!!!
It is one of the most reliable lures.




Lake Biwa Boat Fishing / Leaf Shrimp



Angler : Mr. Okamoto
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : Leaf Shrimp4.8
Rig : Jika rig




Spring is here!
It’s a perfect season for Jika rig bass fishing.
New Leaf Shrimp is made from Geecrack original SAF material.
It will attract and entice fish to bite.
This is a great worm bait that can produce results on any given day
on any given lake.
I love fishing with Leaf Shrimp.