Field report / Lake Biwa



Field report from Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita).
He and his fishing guest caught bigger bass!!!!

Lures : Prototype big crankbait / MerryG + Gyro Star + CORNHEAD BLADE


Moon Curly / Heavy drop shot rig



Angler :Mr. Nomura
Date : December 6
Place : Southern part of lake Biwa
Lure :Moon Curly 4″(Lake-Gill)/ Heavy drop shot rig 3/8


Fishing the weed flats with SWING CHATTER to get some reactionary bites in the morning, but fish didn’t respond to it.
When the sun was up, I started bottom fishihg.
Cast Moon Curly 4″ / short leader / Heavy drop shot rig and reeled. It came through the scattered weeds.When it hit the weed, I gave it a few shakes and let it stay.
Fish hit it!!! I caught a nice largemouth bass!!
Tough season for fishing lake Biwa.
Grab your chances to get your lucky catch.
Moon Curly is a great lure. It always helps me to catch nice fish!!