The KEEP CAST 2017

The Keep Cast 2017 was successfully fished!!
Thank you for many people to come and thank you for all the help and support we received over the two days of the event.

Many people came to our booth and they seemed very interested in our products.
And they also enjoyed events at our booth such as Lucky Lotto, Coloring lures, and fishing small talk shows.

Spring is coming soon.Fish are out there waiting for you!
It’s not too early to start getting ready to go fishing!
Get ready, then go out and enjoy fishing!!
* Send us your field report and share your photos and experience with others!!

Prototype squid fishing lure / Egi


“Egi” is the Japanese traditional lure for squid fishing.
Finally the very first prototype models showed up!!
The colors and the shape may possibly need to change for the best results.
We are putting them on display at The KEEP CAST Geecrack booth.There will be more colors there.

GEECRACK × North Wave / Event limited colors


GEECRACK × North Wave
Event limited color lures will be available for purchase at the KEEP CAST North Wave booth.



・ Event limited color # KOHOKU SONAR-BLUE / # KOHOKU VIOLET
[Free gift with purchase.(Original sticker)]

※Limited quantity available.
※Available only while stocks last.

We offered TINY GILLING 75SS(Slow sinking)
# KOHOKU SONAR-BLUE at the KEEP CAST last year.
And this year we are offering TINY GILLING 75HF(high floating).
This high floating model has pink dorsal and tail fins that are visible to fish.



・Event limited color

※Limited quantity available.
※Available only while stocks last.