Field report / Fat greenling



Angler : Mr. Tkahashi
Date : Sep. 17
Place : Ofunato Bay in Iwate prefecture.
Lure : GYROSTAR3.5/S301




Cast GYROSTAR into the whitewash and soon fish took the bait!
I caught fat greenling.
It was 45cm in length and in good condition.

Field report / Geecrack firld tester Mr. Nomura

Date : Sep. 13
Place : A pond
Lure : G-blade 3/8oz
After casting near mats, I could feel the fish bite clearly.
It fun to catch the fish!
Date : Sep. 13
Place : A pond
Lure : DaisySpin 3/8oz
Evening fishing.
I cast DaisySpin to search shallow areas.
I had bites near the mats areas.
Big fish took the bait, but unfortunately I missed it.
It was the biggest fish for the day.
After that, not so many fish were responding,
so I cast DaisySpin 3/8 into the rocks and boulders area just to see the fish’s reaction to baits.
As fish were responding well and I kept catching fish, I just couldn’t stop fishing and go back home.
I once again felt the excellence of DaisySpin!!
I let it fall freely and stopped it just before it hit rocks and boulders.
And then reeled it in at a little bit faster rate.
I didn’t have much time, but I caught nearly 10 fish in total.
I am sure that DaisySpin will produce good results in the coming autumn fishing season.