Geecrack Website for Japan Fishing Show 2016 in Yokohama

Geecrack is participating JAPAN FISHING SHOW 2016 in Yokohama.
It is held from Jan 29th to 31st.

We have the website for the fishing show.
Go to the URL below and check the event schedule
at PACIFICO YOKOHAMA and our items
that you can buy at the show.
Japan Fishing Show 2016 in Yokohama
Date : 2016/Jan 29th (Fri)~ Jan/ 31st(Sun)
Time :Jan 29th (Fri)10:00~14:00(For business)
※Open to public at 2:00pm .
Jan 29th (Fri)14:00~18:00(Open to public)
Jan 30th (Sat) 9:00~17:00(Open to public)
Jan 31st (Sun) 9:00~17:00(Open to public)


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